July 14, 2010

The ultimate P.C. administration

Today we learn that the administration is miffed that -- wait for it -- al Qaeda is acting in a racist manner:

In an interview earlier today with the South African Broadcasting Corporation to air in a few hours, President Obama disparaged al Qaeda and affiliated groups' willingness to kill Africans in a manner that White House aides say was an argument that the terrorist groups are racist.

A senior administration official then followed up with "Al Qaeda recruits have said that al Qaeda is racist against black members from West Africa because they are only used in lower level operations."

"In short," the official said, "al Qaeda is a racist organization that treats black Africans like cannon fodder and does not value human life."

Newsflash, Mr. Obama: al Qaeda doesn't value human life period. Or, have you forgotten 9/11? Afghanistan?

Sheesh. You mean to tell me that now the administration will can the politically correct crap about Islamic extremism ... because there's evidence its adherents are racist against blacks?? Will we now go back and call it the "War on Terror?" Will we again refer to groups like al Qaeda as "Islamic extremists?" Will we call "terrorism" just that again -- instead of "man-caused disasters?"

The administration is demonstrating just what a color-conscious entity it is. Radical Islamic terror should be dealt with using "sensitive language" and "outreach" ... unless there's evidence they're racist. Arizona is sued for its immigration enforcement law because it will lead to, according to Obama and co., racial profiling. On the other hand, an outrageously blatant case of voter intimidation in nearby Philly is dropped by the Dept. of Justice, and a whistle-blower from that dept. has testified that it is policy not to take up cases where the plaintiffs are white and the defendants are black.

That this should come as a surprise to some people is chuckle-inducing. There's a plethora of evidence in President Obama's past that would prove this is precisely the political/cultural philosophy he'd follow, not the least of which is his 20 year association with the racist and anti-Semitic Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Good luck this November and in 2012, Democrats.

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