July 04, 2010

"Not supported by the facts or by the law"

That's what Justice Department spokesman Tracy Schmaler told the Associated Press as to why charges were dropped against the New Black Panthers' voter intimidation case.

Wow. Maybe this video doesn't count as "fact?" A former DOJ attorney has stated that the DOJ dropped the case for racial reasons; can you imagine the reaction if a GOP-run DOJ dropped a similar case -- where members of the KKK were stationed outside a polling place in, say, Mississippi?

And as for "voter intimidation," does anyone else recall how the Left defined "intimidation" as the police having set up a driver checkpoint within a few miles of some polling places (among other hysterical instances) in Florida on election night 2000 ... and how that was some sinister GOP plot to give the state to G.W. Bush?

Yeah -- but two Black Panthers right in front of a polling place brandishing night sticks is voter intimidation "not supported by the facts or by the law."

Got it.

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