June 22, 2010

I wonder if the folks at Newsweek really wonder why their readership is dwindling

Recently, Newsweek unbelievably asked "Why Doesn't the Media Interrogate Tea Partiers' Beliefs?" One need not go much further than the opening paragraph:

The media's enduring, and understandable, fascination with the Tea Party movement continues unabated, as this weekend's coverage demonstrates. Unfortunately, what appear to be false notions of objectivity—or perhaps a lack of interest in policy—is preventing that coverage from illuminating what the movement actually represents and what it would do if empowered.

Author Ben Adler calls Tea Partiers "ignorant" for not realizing that President Obama has cut their taxes, and to prove it links to a CBS article showing such. But a closer look at the CBS link shows the following:

If so many tax cuts were passed, why have so few Americans actually noticed them?

Possibility 1 – the tax cuts were expansive, but small.

While the majority of the tax cuts, passed last February, affected 95 percent of working families, when they took affect by April of 2009, the monetary value was not too large -- most families saw about $70 more in take home pay every month. Individual workers saw about $13 more a week.

Any tax relief is still relief, but many Americans may not have felt that the tax cuts had much impact.

Possibility 2 – the talk of raising taxes in the future clouded the landscape.

In his 2011 budget, the president has already made it clear that his administration wants to end the Bush–era tax cuts for wealthier families, set to expire next year. So it could be that people see that move as a tax hike already.

Indeed -- considering "Possibility 2" makes Tea Partiers even more politically aware than your average joe (and writer Adler). And the expiring Bush-era tax cuts are only the tip of the iceberg; there's the coming ObamaCare increase in costs and the Obama-desired Cap and Trade legislation which would markedly increase energy costs for Americans. Did it occur to Adler that your average Tea Partier has weighed the $70 per month savings against the coming out-of-pocket increases?

Next, Adler repeats a previously [Newsweek]-used poll by the University of Washington which purports to show the Tea Partiers are racist. Dutiful MSM types and "progressive" bloggers ate it up. However, RealClearPolitics' Cathy Young dissected the "poll" and discovered no such thing. James Taranto likewise shredded the poll by Prof. Christopher Parker.

But the larger issue is Adler's astonishing assertion that the Tea Party is being given a "free pass" by the media! Once you get over your guffaw, be sure to check out the link after link after link showing that the MSM has given the Tea Party anything but a "free pass."

But go right ahead, Mr. Adler. Keep using the same, tired old links (and clichés) to "prove" your assertions ... and watch your readership continue to plummet. Fine by me.

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How old do you think Ben is? The Newsweek website does not say if he graduated from college but he has all the liberal cred as he has worked at a bunch of liberal places.

They called Bush 'incurious' remember? These liberal dweebs have zero curiosity so they never deviate even one inch from their doctrinaire beliefs.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at June 23, 2010 04:49 PM