June 21, 2010

Where's the protests against other vessels?

Radicals, Islamists and Longshoremen blockade Israeli ship in Oakland.

An Israeli cargo ship arriving in Oakland today was forced to sit idle and not offload its containers when longshoremen joined forces with a coalition of communist and Islamist groups who picketed the port in protest against the recent violent incident off the coast of Gaza.

The ship, owned by Zim Lines, was not carrying any controversial cargo, nor is Zim involved in politics in any way; it was targeted simply because the shipping company is based in Israel.

The planned protest and blockade were organized by The Free Palestine Movement (one of the same groups which organized the Gaza “flotilla” in the first place) as well as a rogues’ gallery of nearly every communist, anti-Israel and radical Islamist group in the Bay Area: Arab American Union Members Council, ANSWER- Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Palestine Youth Network, US Palestine Community Network, Al Awda- Right to Return Coalition, Arab Youth Organization, MECA-Middle East Children’s Alliance, Students for Justice in Palestine, Arab Resource and Organizing Center, International Solidarity Movement, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, International Socialist Organization, Peace and Freedom Party – SF, Transport Workers Solidarity Committee and many labor activists in the Bay Area.

Where are the protests against China? Venezuela? Saudi Arabia? Etc.? Because there are hardly any JOOOOOS there, that's why!

By the way, "Zim Lines?" I wonder if it's run by this guy:

The enemy cannot press a button... if
you have disabled his hand! MEDIC!

UPDATE: LOL -- seems like these idiots got the wrong boat!

However, seems like they got the wrong boat, since the Israeli ZIM boat showed up 12 hours late (in typical Israeli fashion) and the anti-Israel demonstrators prevented a Chinese boat from unloading its cargo for 24 hours!

Figures they'd only protest a Chinese vessel by accident!

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what ever happened to port security?

how did the protestors get on the dock?

(escorted by their union longshormen buddies)

Posted by: anonni at June 23, 2010 04:45 PM