June 15, 2010

Thanks for the black eye (again)

Coming on the heels of this idiot we have two more dolts who are busy giving teachers a bad rep:

Some students are calling for the firing of two Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School teachers who held an anti-war sign during a school assembly Friday.

History teacher Marybeth Verani and English teacher Adeline Koscher made their silent protest during the part of the assembly in which school officials recognized graduating seniors who are entering the military.

"They not only imposed their political will, they imposed it at the wrong time," said D-Y junior Andrew Bowles Jr., who organized an after-school protest yesterday that drew about 30 students.

Parents and other community members have flooded the high school principal's office with about 40 e-mails and phone calls criticizing the teachers' actions.

"I honestly feel (the protest) was misplaced," said D-Y parent Joanne Schuman of Yarmouth. "I think they should have been removed from that event."

"Misplaced" is being very polite. What is it with teachers who think their views must be heard ... that they have this entitlement mentality that supercedes all notions of basic politeness and civility?

Stop giving us black eyes, you cretins. Thank you.

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