June 14, 2010

Why are Democrats being racist towards their Senate nominee in South Carolina?

What is their deal? People have come out claiming that Alvin Greene (at left) is a "GOP plant" and shouldn't get the party nod -- despite winning the Democrat primary there.

David Axelrod, senior adviser to President Obama, said Greene's victory "was not legitimate."

“It doesn’t appear [legitimate] to me,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “The whole thing is odd. I don’t know how really to explain it. I don’t think anyone else does either.”

Axelrod must be ... A RACIST!!

Keith Olbermann asked Greene if he was a GOP plant. RACIST!!

And then there's the execrable Jim Clyburn of South Carolina who wants a federal investigation into the whole deal. And most recently, he accused fellow SC congressman Jim Wilson's campaign manager of being behind Greene:

We see that Joe Wilson, the Republican congressman -- who I asked the House to censure for disrupting the President's speech -- his campaign manager was managing my opponent's campaign and so they were running my opponent's campaign, Alvin Greene's campaign and Ben Frasier, down in the first congressional district. The only federal campaigns on the ballot, all three of those are being run [by] either the same shop and that shop was Joe Wilson's campaign manager and former staffer on his Congressional staff. So, that's all the proof I need. (Frasier denies the whole thing.)

Is Clyburn, too, a RACIST??

UPDATE: This guy must a RACIST too: Vic Rawl, former SC state Representative and Greene opponent, filed a formal protest about Greene's election:

"We have filed this protest not for my personal or political gain [LOL!! -- Hube], but on behalf of the people of South Carolina," the Democratic hopeful said in a statement on his official Web site.

"There is a cloud over South Carolina, that affects all of our people, Democrats and Republicans, white and African-American alike," he said. "At this point, the people of our state do not have the basic confidence that their vote will be counted."

UPDATE 2: Now Clyburn's venturing into moonbat territory -- like that of Keith Olbermann about Ohio after election 2004, and virtually the whole MSM during election 2000:

Clyburn says South Carolina used voting machines that all other states rejected. In fact, they were bought from Louisiana, he said.

"Something went wrong with these machines," Clyburn said. "They were very unreliable," he added.

"All you need is a magnet" to compromise the machines, Rep. Clyburn said.

Who would have a motive? "The motive could very well be to embarass the Democratic party. This could be embarassing if we do not get it worked out. Or this could be someone who wanted to ensure a victory [for incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint]," Clyburn said.

Clyburn concluded there is a "great possibility" that someone paid for him to run and tampered with the machines.

UPDATE 3: Jon Stewart on the Greene win:

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Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
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