June 14, 2010

Dopey Philly Daily News Letter of the Week

Previous two-time winner Hannibal Casanova offers "extraordinary insight" into ice hockey:

I'M HAPPY THAT this Flyer pandemonium is finally over.

As an African-American male, I could never identify with the culture of ice hockey. For one, I don't even know if the team or league has an African-American. [It does. -- Hube]

So why should I feel upset that they lost? Even if there was any possibility of a Jackie Robinson in the NHL, I sure don't know of one. [Because you're a racist tool. -- Hube]

The NHL is unwittingly practicing athletic apartheid as result of their white ice. I look forward to the Eagles, Sixers and Redskins season, which will give me something to culturally identify with.

Such a letter is just SO dopey that it really defies any attempt to seriously rebut it. However, I wonder if Hannibal thinks, due to the dearth of white guys in the NBA, that it is practicing "athletic apartheid?"

UPDATE: In a related note, the Chicago Sun Times' Richard Roeper laments the "lack of diversity" of the NHL fan base. He says, "I'm just saying." Which is about as substantive as saying f'in nothing.

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What if...blah blah blah...basketball white guy racist. You know what, this is just getting tiresome.

Posted by: Duffy at June 14, 2010 02:31 PM

Every so often you'll see an article about the dearth of black players in Major League Baseball as well. Of course, the problem is that fewer blacks are playing baseball, or ice hockey, at the amateur levels, so fewer blacks develop the skills those sports require at the professional level.

Posted by: Dana at June 20, 2010 10:44 AM