June 14, 2010

Poll: Democrats too far left

Gallup: More say Dems too liberal than say GOP too conservative.

Perhaps the main goal of the Democratic party and some of their advocates in the press this election year is to portray the Republican party as having been captured by the far right. Yes, Democrats have made some mistakes, they will argue, but the GOP has become little more than a party of extremists.

That's not how the public sees it. A new Gallup poll asked respondents whether they think the views of the Democratic party are "too conservative, too liberal, or about right" and then asked the same question about the Republican party. The results: 49 percent of those surveyed say the Democratic party is too liberal, while 40 percent say the GOP is too conservative. That 49 percent figure for Democrats, Gallup says, is the highest number for the party since 1994, just before Republicans won the House and Senate.

But some of our old friends still have their blinders on, completely and utterly.

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