June 02, 2010

Local moonbat reaction to the Israeli-flotilla crisis; or "Useful idiots at work"

It's about what you'd expect, especially from the LGOMB (that's "Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers"). Unstable Mental State writes:

The crisis began when Israel fired on a flotilla of boats carrying supplies to Gaza, killing 10 people and wounding 50 more. Israel has a blockade of shipments to Gaza, but the ships were in International waters and one of the ships boarded was the Turkish ship Marmara.

"Israel fired on a flotilla ..."? Um, no. Israeli commandos began firing while on board of the ships they landed upon -- because they were attacked immediately upon boarding on the craft. Check out the video. And so what if the ship was in international waters? The flotilla knew Israel had a blockade on Gaza; nevertheless, numerous interpretations of international law favor Israel's right to board craft bound for Gaza.

More anti-Semitic "fun" from "delacrat":

Homicide by cutthroats.

... because Gazans don’t have choices. They have bad neighbors.

Zionists like to say what the “Turkey and the UN” and indeed, the world should do.

Israeli attacks are an on-going zionist initiative of expulsion and extermination since 1947, and not in the least “counter” or “retaliatory”.

What the US needs is another Eisenhower to tell israel to get out of the lands they’ve stolen.

Continuing with "anonone":

MJ is totally into blaming victims.

Israel complains about its neighbors wanting to destroy it while Israel goes about actually destroying its neighbors.

Moonbat extraordinaire Nancy "Harpy" Willing copies and pastes the following:

Pacem in Terris - Information for those who feel heartsick at the violence against the activists taking humanitarian aid to Gaza via ships:

There is a protest in Philadelphia on Tuesday 6/1, 4-7 pm in front of Israeli Consulate.

If only they were "mere activists," eh Nance?

"These savages are killing people here, please help," a Turkish television reporter said. The broadcast ended with a voice shouting in Hebrew, "Everybody shut up!"
Yes, yes! Help us with these "savage" Jews!!


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