May 31, 2010

Woman sues Google after being hit by car

It happened in New Zealand, but of course only an American could conceive of such a suit:

A woman is suing Google for more than US$100,000 after following directions on Google Maps and being hit by a car.

Lauren Rosenberg, from Utah, using her Blackberry phone, followed the site's directions onto Deer Park Drive, which turned out to be a rural highway with no footpath.

Instead of looking for an alternative route, Rosenberg tried to follow the road for the half-mile Google Maps had suggested, but was hit by a passing vehicle.

I like this from the comments:

That is quite typical american - in every other contry of the world this woman would risk to be judged as mentaly handycapped for walking on a motorway because her mobile told her so...what is coming next - does google have to take care of every chuckhole on every street before giving you a route?


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Did anyone ever drown trying to swim from New York to Paris on Google's say so? And then have their families due Google?

Posted by: soccer dad at June 1, 2010 03:21 PM

Uh, that should read "sue Google."

Posted by: soccer dad at June 1, 2010 03:21 PM

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