May 19, 2010

Possibly the most ridiculous rationale by a liberal pundit backing up the Obama administration

Alan Colmes on why the administration's distaste for using the term "radical Islam" makes ... "sense?"

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If Colmes had made the case that "radical Islam" is linguistic garbage, then he'd have a point. "Radical" doesn't mean anything in this context other than as a signal word for people we are allowed to dislike. It's a buzzword like "NeoCon" or "Fundamentalist." Very few of those words actually mean anything specific other than "hey it's politically correct to still have a hate on for these guys."

The sad truth though, is that these people aren't radical or extremists within their own cultures. They're pretty run of the mill Muslims. Perhaps a bit more devout than the general population, but otherwise normal folks. Muslims still have concepts that the secular west has largely discarded. When was the last time you heard a Christian talk about Christendom in the present tense? However a similar Muslim concept of Islam was the motivator of the Times Square Bomber.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at May 20, 2010 01:42 PM

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