May 19, 2010

It sounded OK to me until ...

... the teacher called the student a "teabagger":

A Francis Howell High School teacher failed to get approval from an administrator before using the 2007 Michael Moore documentary "Sicko" as part of a final exam, prompting a student complaint, district officials say.

Senior Celeste Finkenbine, 18, found out last week that her final involved watching a movie by the liberal filmmaker critical of America's health care system. The assignment was to analyze the film for different forms of persuasion, said Finkenbine, who objected and went to a principal. (Source.)

OK, it was a mistake to overlook the administrative approval process for films; however, the issue of watching the film for the purposes of writing a paper to analyzeg different forms of persuasion sounds perfectly legitimate to me. If you disagree with the premise of the film -- even quite vigorously -- say so in your written paper!

But then this happened (which, unsurprisingly, the St. Louis Post Dispatch article above omitted):

Finkenbine said that, after she compared her participation in Tea Party rallies with the civil disobedience in which Dr. King participated, Blessman responded to her by saying, “Well, we all know you’re a ‘teabagger.’”

Afterward, Finkenbine recalled, the teacher started laughing and everyone in the class started laughing about Blessman’s use of the derogatory term, prompting the student to think, “Wow! Did she really just say that?”

That is crossing the line, of course. One can only imagine what would happen if a teacher reacted similarly but dubbed the kid a Communist because he supported ObamaCare.

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As I've said -- the proper response to anyone who calls you a "teabagger" is to respond by calling them a "c*cksucker". When they respond in outrage, point out that the two terms are equally profane and refer to the same sort of activity.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at May 19, 2010 08:45 PM

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