May 19, 2010

16 Philadelphia principals lack state credentials

Via Colossus R&D man Gooch:

Sixteen principals in the Philadelphia School District are working without proper state certification, officials said Tuesday, citing a failure to monitor staff credentials.

The disclosure cames days after LaGreta Brown, the former principal of South Philadelphia High, resigned after The Inquirer asked questions about her credentials.

The principals will face no discipline, and efforts are under way to get them emergency certification or submit proof of coursework needed to obtain full certification.

"There is simply no excuse why the district did not properly monitor the certification expirations and requirements," Superintendent Arlene Ackerman said in a statement. "Just as every employee in the district must pass an FBI background check, all teachers and principals require up-to-date certifications. We failed to do our job in these cases and will take immediate steps to repair the process." (Source.)

Sounds to me like the solution is quite simple: Superintendent Ackerman should either resign immediately or else be axed by the district school board ASAP.

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