May 18, 2010

Phoenix mayor gets deperate -- blames lack of Fairness Doctrine for new Arizona law

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, a Democrat (of course), laments the lack of a Fairness Doctrine so that those who oppose the new Arizona immigration law would get a, well, "fair" hearing:

"I think it goes back to the Reagan era when the fairness doctrine was dropped, and instead of requiring both sides of a debate to be aired, only one side was given the chance depending on who was providing that."

"But more importantly, language that was never acceptable became maintstream. Those that were deemed to be in disagreement with those on television or radio were demonized as traitors and extremists and hateful and language that we have never heard or seen.

"So it became acceptable in the mainstream media, it became acceptable in debates. And as a result the wedge issue that came about as a result of the economy over the last four years immigration became front and center."

Dude, wake up and smell the reality. The MSM reported negatively on the new law by a 12 to 1 margin. Is that "fair" enough for 'ya, Mayor?

Second, who's being demonized in this debate? It certainly isn't those in favor of the law -- they're being labeled "racists," "Nazis" and "fascists."

Once again, all this is is yet another liberal who hates the fact that opposing voices actually have an outlet for their views -- and that he can't control those outlets. (Which are, mainly, talk radio and the Internet.)

70%, Mr. Mayor. That's the figure you're dealing with who oppose your opinion on this subject in your home state. No amount of favorable MSM coverage has changed it, and no Fairness Doctrine will. Your only hope may be to adopt an Hugo Chávez-style censorship program. Good luck with that.

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