May 18, 2010

And people actually called the Bush administration "incompetent?"

First we saw the president himself misstate what the Arizona immigration law was all about by scaring people into think they could be arrested on the street when they're eating ice cream. Then there was Attorney General Eric Holder who admitted he hadn't read the Arizona law -- but had said he didn't like it anyway. Now it's Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano -- former governor of AZ -- who said she wouldn't have signed the law ... but guess what? She hasn't read the law either!!

Are you freakin' serious??

Isn't this the very same administration that castigated opponents of ObamaCare for "not reading the bill" (as if they did themselves, eh?) and "lying" about its provisions? The Arizona law is much thinner than the ObamaCare bill and can be read quite easily in a short amount of time. Don't you think the administration would have advised its various bigwigs (including Obama himself) to know WTF they were talking about -- especially as some 2/3 of the American public support the new law?

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Facts? Facts...who cares about facts? Change you can believe in...

Posted by: cardinals fan at May 18, 2010 05:29 PM

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