April 29, 2010

Why newspapers are dying

Well, partly anyway. Just check out the local editorials regarding Arizona's new immigration law. First, here's our own Wilmington News Journal -- screen caps of the only op-eds on the AZ law:

Surprise, eh? Not a single opinion in favor of the law! (You can read both articles here and here.) Meanwhile, over at the Philly Inquirer, no surprise there either: Arizona Gets It Wrong. The Daily News? Even worse with The problem with Arizona's 'papers, please' immigration law.

Funny how the latter two were just sold. Philly.com laments: New owners know money, but how about media? Put it this way -- it probably couldn't be much worse for these papers now, right?

Though, as noted previously that it's not the only reason for these papers' woes (and that of many others), perhaps if they balanced out their ridiculously slanted editorials which condescendingly mock the views and values of half their readership, as well as how they cover "hard" news stories, they might actually not bleed readers. After all, just check out this graphic. Yes, it's a few years out of date, but it shows that while major left-leaning papers have been hemorrhaging readers, centrist and right-leaning dailys have picked them up -- the latter moreso.

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Thanks Hube. I just bookmarked your site and will refer daily. Good post too.

Posted by: Hoagie at April 30, 2010 09:48 AM