April 26, 2010

How 'bout that?

MSNBC puts up headline: "Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant."

Can it get any more hilariously surreal?

Meanwhile, I wonder how much the MSM pundits will pontificate on the violence of those protesting the new Arizona law.

UPDATE: Look! Actual video evidence of anti-AZ immigration law protesters getting violent! Ah, but y'see, their protest is worthy!!

UPDATE 2: It seems so long ago, doesn't it? Here's Keithy Olbermann back during the dastardly 'ol Bush administration and then now:

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Even more absurd was Contessa Brewer fretting that the law might lead to neighbors turning in neighbors and family members turning in other family members. I thought that was something that decent, law-abiding members of society did.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at April 26, 2010 08:57 PM

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