April 20, 2010

CNN anchor claims tape exists of "N" word being used?

CNN's Don Lemon uses some rather ... interesting sentence structure to imply a tape exists of Rep. John Lewis being called the "N" word.

Or did he? You be the judge.

Seems to me Lemon only states outright that a tape exists which shows Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver being spit on. And this video does exist. But the actual "spitting" charge is bogus. Cleaver tried to back away from the claim that he said he was intentionally spat upon.

But Lemon sneakily attempts to link this actual video of Cleaver with a mythical one that shows John Lewis being called the "N" word. He refers to the Cleaver incident, then mentions John Lewis telling him (in an interview) he heard the "N" word, then says, "So the tape exists."

A tape in which where we hear the "N" word, Don? If so, please produce it immediately. Not only will you collect a $10,000 award from Andrew Breitbart, but you'll put to rest the doubts of a very many people. Otherwise, STFU -- you'll be just another Al Sharpton who got caught trying to lie about taped evidence.

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I don't even care because it is not representative. I would always condemn the use of the N word against anyone let alone a man who almost gave his life for the rights of others like American Icon John Lewis. I have the highest respect for him even when I disagree with him. He put his body on the line so my life could be better.

The fact is that we can not condemn 40K people if 2 or 3 yelled something. That is almost as hateful of a stereotype as the one represented by the alleged incident. Now that the claim has been made. It is put up or shut up time.

Posted by: Republican David at April 20, 2010 08:13 PM

hmmm the lamestream is still talking about the phoney N word story, but not a peep about the brutal attack on a Jihndal staffer in New Orleans....

Posted by: anonni at April 21, 2010 11:33 PM