April 20, 2010

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

L. Eudora Pettigrew begins by complaining about how the GOP is obstructing Barack Obama and the Democrats' efforts with regards to health care, but then inexplicably falls into the usual, tried and pathetically lazy tactic of "racism":

Where were those Republicans and their supporters when health care costs escalated during the George W. Bush administration and many Americans were denied health care coverage?

The reports that the new health care legislation is not clear is ridiculous; but perhaps those who make those charges don’t have the skills or the ability to read the legislation, which is on the Internet.

Racism takes many forms. Practices of racial prejudice and segregation that were overturned by U.S. law decades ago still abide; they simply have evolved into underlying behaviors that are being used by the Republicans, who are intent to take over the Congress and block any conceivable advances that can be made for the American people by the Obama administration and the Democratic leadership.

I see. The Republicans have differing views on health care, and are apt at playing politics (just like the Democrats), and this all ultimately boils down to ... RACISM!.

Pettigrew might wanna have a glance at this offering by James Taranto from yesterday:

The political left claims to love racial diversity, but it bitterly opposes such diversity on the political right. This is an obvious matter of political self-interest: Since 1964, blacks have voted overwhelmingly Democratic. If Republicans were able to attract black votes, the result would be catastrophic for the Democratic Party. Even in 2008, the Democrats’ best presidential year since ‘64, if the black vote had been evenly split between the parties (and holding the nonblack vote constant), Barack Obama would have gotten about 48% of the vote and John McCain would be president.

To keep blacks voting Democratic, it is necessary for the party and its supporters to keep alive the idea that racism is prevalent in America and to portray the Republican Party (as well as independent challengers to the Democrats, such as the tea-party movement) as racist. The election of Barack Obama made nonsense of the idea that America remains a racist country and thereby necessitated an intensifying of attacks on the opposition as racist.

L. Eudora Pettigrew: DOPE.

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