April 19, 2010

This man is more racist than your average racist!

Well, according to "progressive" theory on race, that is. First take a gander:

"These are my people -- Americans"??? WHAT IS THIS [BLACK] MAN THINKING???

Let's journey back a couple weeks to this post:

"I hate when people tell me they're colour-blind. That is the most overt kind of racism. When people say I don't see your race,' I know that's wrong. To ignore race is to be more racist than to acknowledge race. I call it neo-racism."

Got that? According to "progressive" race theory, Mr. Postell is more racist because he doesn't acknowledge his own race or that of his fellow Tea Partiers. He is a "neo-racist."

I'm sure quite a few less tactful "progressives" might opt for some other monikers.

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