April 19, 2010

Political violence reality check

James Carafano:

And for MSNBC, baseless commentary like this runs only against the right. Think back to its coverage of Code Pink and the antiwar protests of the Bush administration. None of its commentators fretted over whether the protesters would lead to a resurgence of left-wing violence such as that practiced by the Weather Underground, the Blank [sic] Panthers, or the Symbionese Liberation Army. That would have been totally inappropriate ó but no more so than what itís eagerly doing now with conservative protesters.

Meanwhile, when real racists show up to protest, MSM coverage is [more] sparse. Too busy trying to make the point that Tea Party protests are the "real" racists, I suppose. And hey -- look at that violence directed at these protesters! Don't these folks, however abhorrent their views, have a right to peacefully assemble? I wonder what Attorney General Eric Holder thinks about this, considering his lambaste of those who questioned the probity of hiring lawyers who defended terrorists into the DOJ.

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