April 18, 2010

What a laugh: "Sedition"

What can one say? If conservative pundits were yapping about such during George W. Bush's presidency, these same dingbats would be screaming constitutional bloody murder:

"I did a little bit of research just before this show - it's on this little napkin here. I looked up the definition of sedition which is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state. And a lot of these statements, especially the ones coming from people like Glenn Beck and to a certain extent Sarah Palin, rub right up close to being seditious." -- Time magazine's Joe Klein.

New York magazine's John Heilemann added, "And Joe's right and I'll name another person, I'll name Rush Limbaugh who uses this phrase constantly and talks about the Obama administration as a regime."

What did they keep telling us, these "progressives," during the previous administration? Oh, right -- "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." They just left off the second part during the Bush era: "... as long you don't dissent from US."

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Wasn't it Senator John Kerry, in the 2004 Presidential election, who first referred to the Bush administration as a "regime," when he said the US could use a little "regime change"?

Posted by: steve Newton at April 19, 2010 04:48 PM

MoveOn.org was promoting a poster with the text "Regime Change Begins at Home" (Link (opens in new window)

The image of the poster is gone from the page, but the text makes it clear what the poster said.

Here's the text of the email they pre-fill for you to publicize the poster:

I just got a sign for my car that says "Regime Change Begins
at Home. Vote." You can download one, too, at:


Here's why I think it's important:

The Bush Administration is brilliant at marketing. The folks that
are working for Bush are so good at this that if you watch the news,
you get the idea that everyone agrees with him.

Of course, we all know that that's not true. Most Americans are quite
wary of the war on Iraq, and a whole lot of us see the President as
playing a cynical election-year game. The problem is that without the
attention of the media, this dissent is hard to see -- ordinary people
don't hold press conferences to tell the world what they're thinking.

That's where we can help. MoveOn.org Civic Action PAC put together a placard
that you can put in your car window. You can download the placard for
free at:


If enough of us download these, print 'em up, and stick them on our
car or in our windows, we can begin to create a culture of engagement
and patriotic dissent. We'll amplify our voices. We'll help to elect
the candidates who can help us out of this mess. And we'll help to fire
the ones that are on board for Bush's endless war.

With your help, we can out-market the masters.

I like the bit about how the news makes it seem like everyone agreed with Bush. Not the news I was watching and reading...

Posted by: Paul Smith at April 19, 2010 05:05 PM

Thanks for that, Paul.

Steve: You may be right. I know Newsbusters has info on "regime," notably Chris Matthews using it in the past for Bush, yet now chiding Limbaugh for using it.

Posted by: Hube at April 19, 2010 05:14 PM

Better yet, go to Delaware Liberal and search on the words "Bush Regime".

Posted by: Duffy at April 20, 2010 10:03 AM