April 15, 2010

Good for (one of) them

The president and vice-president revealed their latest tax returns today, and it shows that at least one of our top two head honchos abides by what he preaches.

The Obamas had a gross income of $5,505,409 and donated $329,100 to charity. That's just about six percent, almost double the amount for the average American. And this doesn't even take into account Obama's Nobel Prize award, which he donated to charity in full. Good for him.

On the other hand, Delaware's own Joe Biden made $333,182 and only donated $4,820 to charity -- a paltry 1.5%. (That's Biden at left demonstrating the amount he donated.) This puts Mr. "It's Patriotic to Pay Taxes" in league with Al Gore, who has had an even lower percentage. And, not to mention, it means Biden is certainly consistent!

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