April 01, 2010

Why the claims of the "N" word are bunk

I've (among others) asked "Where is the evidence that black members of Congress were called the 'N' word?" Andrew Breitbart even offered a $10,000 prize for such evidence. Why was Breitbart so confident that no one could take his cash? Maybe due to stuff like this:

That's Jesse Jackson Jr. recording every moment of the accusing congressmen's walk to Capitol Hill that day. Does anyone think that had Jackson Jr. filmed someone uttering the "N" word that it would not be front and center on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC etc. etc. etc. for weeks on end? If so, get your strait jacket on. Now.

No, we didn't see such from the networks -- because there has been no evidence. None. That still hasn't prevented the MSM from repeating the without-evidence accusations time and time again, though, and locally, moral fraud and one of the LGOMB, pandora, has ridiculed the notion that such evidence is even needed -- we should just take the word of these politicians ... and "eyewitnesses" (who just happen to be the politicians' buddies, by the way).

Sorry. No dice.

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When has Pandora ever needed "facts?"

If she believes something then it MUST be true.

Posted by: mike w. at April 12, 2010 01:10 AM

The Colossus of Rhodey: Why the claims of the "N" word are bunk
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