March 30, 2010

Five Captain America stories that Chris Evans needs to read

Chris ... who? Evans played the Human Torch in the Fastastic Four movies. And now, he's been cast to play the Star Spangled Avenger, Capt. America. My fave entertainment site Screen Rant has a list of five Cap stories that Evans must read in preparing for the role:

1) Captain America Comics #1, 1941. The first-ever story, and one that S.R. says is a must for Evans to capture the essence of Steve Rogers (Cap's real ID) -- and to understand the mood and ambience of the country as it entered into World War II.

2) Tales of Suspense #63-71, 1965. In-depth flashback coverage of Cap's exploits against the Nazis during WW II.

3) Captain America #298-300, 1984. These issues detail the origin of the Red Skull, Cap's arch-nemesis.

4) Captain America #332-350, 1987. One of my favorite series of issues of any character, these editions have Steve Rogers ousted as Capt. America and replaced by John Walker, formerly the Super Patriot. Worthy because it explores the role the US government should have in controlling Cap who was, after all, a government creation.

5) The Ultimates Vol. 1, 2002. This updated version of the classic Avengers #4 is the perfect modern telling of Cap's joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I personally highly recommend the first volume of The Ultimates if you're an Avengers fan.

I might've picked a different set of issues, but I think these five offer a well-reasoned rationale.

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Wait, I thought that guy from the Office was cast?

Haven't read much of the fourth item, but what I do remember was that it didn't make much sense to me at the time. Everyone I've talked to since thought it was a stupid way for Marvel to be anti-Reagan.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at March 31, 2010 08:39 AM

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