March 30, 2010

Liberal hate rhetoric

This is how far we've gone: Race monger Al Sharpton said last night that he saw the non-existent tape of Tea Partiers calling black members of Congress the "N" word:

Thankfully, Bill O'Reilly called him on it, but not as forcefully as he should have, given the incendiary nature of the lie. So first we had the MSM completely taking the word of these congressmen without a shred of evidence (and it's still going on today); now, I bet we'll see some following Sharpton on claiming they've "seen the tape."

Further, Sharpton's race hustling self was in full display as he sought to connect the Tea Partiers with racists, but then was in full deflect mode when confronted with the extremists within in his own organization. David Paul Kuhn makes about as much sense as anyone else in pointing out the more-than-obvious: It's not about race.

Gratuitous charges of racism are no sideshow. They capture an enduring mistake of modern liberalism. And that mistake disserves liberals most.

Disregard centuries of furious debate over the role of government. Disregard the Great Recession, historic economic anxiety, this hyper-partisan era, or the comparable vitriol Bill Clinton knew. It's not about an average man who sees rich guys and poor guys getting the big breaks from big government. No, [the NY Times' Frank] Rich explains, it's whites who want to "take our country back" from a black president.

What then shall we make of Howard Dean? Over and over, fiery Dean railed during the 2004 campaign, "It's time to take our country back!"

There are 187 million white adults in the United States. Only 39 percent of whites approve of Obama, according to Gallup. That means about 114 million white adults do not approve of this president. The largest Tea Party rally represented .0006 percent of these whites.

Only one-third of white women and white men approve of the health care law, according to Quinnipiac. If Rich is correct, and opposition to the healthcare overhaul concerns race, then the roughly 125 million white adults who do not approve of the legislation are racists.

A fraction of extremists are said to explain 125 million whites who do not back this health care law.

For decades, leading liberals explained white concerns about urban upheaval, crime, welfare, school bussing, affirmative action and more recently, illegal immigration, as rooted in racism. Not safer streets or safer schools. Not working class whites concerned that they were paying for things so others wouldn't have to. Not job competition or economic class. Instead, liberals constantly saw the color of the issue as the issue.

The same fringe on the right that dogged Clinton dogs Obama - just as the fringe on the left hounded George W. Bush for eight years with an unseemly obsession. It's not race. It's our politics.

Indeed. "Just as the fringe on the left ..." But there are MSM types who will steadfastly refuse to believe this, despite the overwhelming, preponderous, prodigious, monolithic quantity of evidence.

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