March 26, 2010

Liberal hate rhetoric

You'd really think the MSM would wise up in this Internet Age that they just can't get away with "it's only the GOP that's threatening and defaming people" mantra.

And we're gonna do our part right here to prove this point.

We're gonna inform you of each and every instance of "progressive"/liberal/Democrat hate that we can get our hands on to absolutely and thoroughly tear asunder the ridiculous MSM premise. Just keep looking for the "Liberal Hate Rhetoric" post title and new category.

Here's our inaugural post: Democratic New Hampshire state rep. Nickolas Levasseur lists on his MySpace page the following "interests":

Medicine, biology, mathematics, anything that doesn't involve Organic Chemistry, cars that don't begin with "Ford" and end with "Aspire", HBO series, Bill Mahar [sic], politics, the hunting of neo-conservative Reaganites (a shooting sport brought to you by the republican [sic] party in more ways than one!), sleeping (it is sad when necessary life takes become occational [sic] hobbies).

(h/t to Insty and Riehl.)

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