March 11, 2010

Surprise, surprise

"A new study shows that diversity training programs have roundly failed to eliminate bias and increase the number of minorities in management, despite the fact that many corporations have spent increasing amounts of money on them since the 1990s."

“For the past 40 years companies have tried to increase diversity, spending millions of dollars a year on any number of programs without actually stopping to determine whether or not their efforts have been worth it,”[professor of sociology Frank] Dobbin says. “Certainly in the case of diversity training, the answer is no. The only truly effective way to increase the presence of minorities and women in managerial positions is through programs that create organizational responsibility. If no one is specifically charged with the task of increasing diversity, then the buck inevitably gets passed ad infinitum. To increase diversity, executives must treat it like any other business goal.”

I wonder how that will affect sites like Diversity Inc.? Just check out the gazillion articles they have devoted to diversity training.

I'm still fairly dumbfounded at how common sense doesn't point out the obvious -- that by engaging in stereotypes (diversity training), bias won't be eliminated. I mean, in my field (education), we're treated (in "workshops") to constant negative stereotypes about whites ("all whites are racist") whereas only positive stereotypes about minorities (their communication is "personal, emotional and 'process-oriented'”). The resentment -- which is logical outcome of such utter nonsense -- is always lost on the "progressive" edu-babblers who present it.

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