March 01, 2010

Words of wisdom

By one of my favorite education pundits, Michael Lopez:

Itís not fashionable to say thisÖ but I suspect that there would be a lot fewer discipline problems that actually needed to be addressed if students could lose their public school privileges.

Students who act out in class are implicitly representing that they donít *value* the educational experience. People have a funny way of suddenly valuing things when they are taken away, or even when itís possible that they will be taken away.

Iím all for public schools, in much the same way Iím for public highways. But we take away the driving privileges of people who donít value the highway system. And the fact that we *can* take away someoneís driving privileges keeps most people in line.

Brilliant, as Michael's comments usually are. Unfortunately, this makes too much sense, and public ed. is usually found wanting in that realm ...

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And, unfortunately, too many states have defined a free public education as a RIGHT, making the proposal impossible there without some sort of constitutional amendment. Add to that the current screams about "discrimination in discipline", and doing this would set up massive federal civil rights legislation when "too many" folks in "protected classes" get booted for good.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at March 1, 2010 07:16 PM

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