February 20, 2010

Go figure

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) immediately labeled the incident where Joe Stack, the disgruntled nut who smacked a plane into an IRS building in Austin, TX, as "terrorism":

"Whenever an individual or group attacks civilians in order to make a political statement, that is an act of terror," said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. "Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the faith, race or ethnicity of the perpetrator or the victims. We pray for the speedy recovery of those injured in the attack." . . .

Awad noted that if a Muslim had carried out the IRS attack, it would have surely been labeled an act of terrorism.

Well, that may be accurate, but surely CAIR -- like our own president -- have been at times ridiculously ponderous about calling acts of violence perpetrated by radical Muslims "terrorism." Not only that, but the MSM feels similarly.

But not in this instance.

The MSM has been twisting itself into pretzels attempting to link Stack's attack to [mostly] the Tea Party movement.

  • Jonathan Capeheart at the WaPo: "After reading [Stack's] 34-paragraph screed, I am struck by how his alienation is similar to that we're hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement."
  • Chris Rovzar in New York magazine: "A lot of his rhetoric could have been taken directly from a handwritten sign at a tea party rally."
  • David Graham in Newsweek: "Thursday's antitax domestic terror attack on an IRS building in Austin, Texas, may reopen a debate that's been quiet since last summer: are violent incidents against the federal government on the rise? The tax protest movement has historically been linked to right-wing groups like the Sovereign Citizen movement, white supremacist groups, and militias. Stack mentions meetings with groups that meet that rubric, and his antigovernment rhetoric fits that mold too."
  • Time magazine adds a little blurb "see making of the Tea Party movement" in their article on the Stack incident.
  • Chris Matthews featured the Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok to lament "We know nothing of this man. We did not have him in our files. We found absolutely nothing in the way of real background on the movement or association with any group. But, yeah, as a general matter his ideas seem connected to at least some of the core ideas of the radical right ..."

Now, contrast: What were some of the reactions, say, to the Fort Hood shooting by the MSM? Newsweek blamed it on the military. Chris Matthews asked "It's not a crime to call al Qaeda, is it?" Time's cover story asked if the incident was "terrorism." CBS's Bob Schieffer blamed the US military. An NBC analyst wasn't sure the incident was terrorism.


But back to Stack and his suicide run: Was it "terrorism?" In my book, yeah. But the issue is how the MSM amazingly goes to lengths to connect him to the Tea Partiers (and the right-wing in general) while at the same time will do the same to NOT connect more obvious instances (like radical Islam and Fort Hood). While pondering Stack's background, conveniently IGNORED were things like this:

  • At the end of Stack's suicide note was "The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed."
  • Stack also referred to corporate America as "thugs and plunderers."
  • Stack sounded like he excerpted a Barack Obama campaign speech -- he complained about "the joke that we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies ..."
  • Stack called the Catholic Church is "vulgar and corrupt."
  • He referred to our last president as "the recent presidential puppet GW Bush and his cronies."

Do all the above sound like ravings of a right-winger?? Hardly. If anything, it just proves that this Stack nutjob isn't easy to pigeonhole. But that won't stop our illustrious mainstream media who's looking out for US, eh? LOL!

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