February 09, 2010

Audi Super Bowl commercial

My fave scifi author Larry Niven and friends were pretty darn prescient. First, the ad:

Niven and co.'s look into the "future?" The novel Fallen Angels. In it, Green Parties have come to power in various governments and have a police force eerily similar to that in the Audi commercial! The world is enveloped in an "anti-science/anti-technology" ambience (just take a gander at the "Climategate" scandal and how that put PC and politics over actual science) (not to mention a new Ice Age) and several scientists and science fiction fans have to successfully rescue a couple of satellite dwellers who've crashed to Earth -- before the Greens get a hold of them!

The story, while at times wildly implausible and darkly humorous, does seem prescient about what would happen if radical Greens ever got power. While searching the net for info on the book, it seems the entire novel is available online!

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best of the commercials, overall which I thought were very lame...people actually get paid to come up with this crap? But this one was good...only problem, wasn't sure if this was meant to be either leftist idealistic, or right sarcasm? It does show the absurdity of the crazy left so I'm going with german sarcasm! Oh, by the way, gotta love this global man made warming...next storm to hit in a few hours!!

Posted by: cardinals fan at February 9, 2010 02:10 PM

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