February 05, 2010

Will the NAACP protest?

Check out the NBC cafeteria's "celebration" of Black History Month here.

Steve Krakauer at Mediaite reports that Questlove, the leader of the band for the late-night Jimmy Fallon show, complained to his more than 1 million followers on Twitter that NBC's cafeteria at 30 Rock in New York offered fried chicken "in honor of Black History Month."

NBC Universal replied on Twitter: "The sign in the NBCU cafeteria has been removed. We apologize for anyone who was offended by it." There's no word on whether the chicken special was removed along with the sign. (Source.)

Anyone remember what happened here in the First State one year ago?

Yep, that's an Acme circular for Black History Month which includes items such as cornbread, collard greens, flavored soda, and hot sauce. The local NAACP supposedly got over 100 complaints about the flier; the question is now, will the group protest NBC -- this, the same company that ditched shock jock Don Imus for using a racially-charged term in one of his broadcasts?

This all reminds me of the classic M*A*S*H episode "Dear Dad ... Three" where Hawkeye describes how he and pal Trapper dealt with a bigoted [wounded] soldier who wants the "right kind of blood" during his operation. While the soldier is recovering (still unconscious), Hawk and Trapper use some iodine mixture to darken the soldier's skin! When he wakes up, he summons Trapper, who's carrying a tray.

Soldier: "Hey, doc ..."
Trapper: "Hey boy ..."
Soldier: "Doc, what's going on -- did you guys give me the right color blood??"
Trapper: "Take it easy! Have some food first."
Soldier: "W-what is it?"
Trapper: "Just what you ordered -- fried chicken and watermelon!"

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Picking at the foods and grocery ads is a little overboard. What about Cinco de Mayo or Chinese New Year? I mean, if we can't celebrate diversity through food, what are we supposed to do? Maybe, we should also do away with Christmas ads. After all, not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Posted by: watermelonbaby at February 21, 2010 10:43 PM