February 04, 2010

The conundrum that is "diversity"

What to do when a minority ... makes offensive statements about another ... minority?

This is the problem that faces Vanderbilt University where a Muslim chaplain was quoted as "saying he would have to 'go with what Islam teaches' regarding the imposition of capital punishment on practicing homosexuals." Some Islamic countries put those "caught" practicing homosexuality to death, like Saudi Arabia and Iran. In a statement, Vandy said that Awadh A. Binhazim's comments were part of "Project Dialogue," "a series meant to bring 'diverse viewpoints' to campus."

Uh huh. Anyone who has followed as I have the folly of political correctness that infects American campuses to the Nth degree has to chuckle at that statement. Y'know, American campuses -- where conservatives routinely get shouted down and even attacked for saying something contrary to the prevailing campuse orthodoxy. Of course, most of these conservatives are white, so there's not really an "inner struggle" among diversophiles/multi-cultis about what to do, unlike Binhazim's case.

Vandy went on to "reaffirm" it commitment "both to free speech and to non-discrimination." Let's wait and see if that's really the case when someone like, say Dick Cheney, Ann Coulter or David Horowitz is invited to speak there. If they're even invited, that is.

More here.

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I loved the fact that in this link Vandy said the guy in question held an adjunct associate professorship in pathology in their medical school but it was neither paid nor had anything to do with teaching or research.

Adjunct positions are part-time positions that only pay you when you are actually working, so if he is not currently teaching a class then I guess the statement is technically correct, but he has nonetheless previously taught courses for them or he would not be listed in that category, Moreover, he has done well enough to be promoted from assistant to associate.

In other words, he is actually affiliated with the university, just as any longterm DSU or UD adjunct is affiliated with their institution.

Posted by: steve Newton at February 5, 2010 11:30 AM