January 23, 2010

The denial and cluelessness roll on

Newsweek's Jerry Adler on Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts on Tuesday:

He drove around a pickup truck/She didn’t notice that the world had changed/And he shook hands with every shmuck/Who wandered by, which she thought quite deranged.

Yeah, Brown was busy actually courting the votes of "shmucks" -- in other words, constituents/voters.


Then, there's Time's Richard Corliss who laments the demise of Air America.

Then, there's Nora O'Donnell at MSDNC speculating that Scott Brown's pro-waterboarding stance "didn't get enough coverage":

Scott Brown defends waterboarding. He did during this campaign. I don't know how many voters or people know that, but that was part of the issues, one of the issues in this campaign that really didn't get played out that much. And one of the reasons is because during a critical three-week period between Dec. 19 and Jan. 5, Martha Coakley was not on the air. As one Democratic official said, she literally went on vacation. So there were a number of issues that probably did not get a lot of play.

Yeah, that'd surely have been a deal-breaker for Brown all right, especially considering some 58% of the American public wanted to waterboard the Christmas underwear bomber!!

The Boston Globe-Democrat's Renee Loth adds to the nonsense:

And Brown’s campaign unmistakably appealed to men, even beyond the obvious contrast with Coakley. The truck, the barn jacket, the sports figures giving endorsements all signaled that Brown’s campaign was a comfortable home for disaffected men. Even his victory party, with its rock anthems and chants of USA! USA! had the look and feel of a beer-fueled tailgate party.

In other words, "idiot white rednecks" who didn't know any better.

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I'm all for waterboarding, as a re most Americans.

In fact, I'm all for waterboarding on live television during primetime.

My first candidate? Barack Obama. We can waterboard him until he signs the releases for his original birth certificate, college transcripts, and major college papers -- as well as information about whether or not Bill Ayers is the ghostwriter of his books.

Posted by: Rhymes With RIght at January 23, 2010 08:55 AM

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