January 20, 2010

Let the whining, excuses, insanity, etc. begin

A sampling around the local blogosphere of opinion on the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts last night. First, let's head to the LGOMB (Local Gaggle of Moonbat Bloggers):

pandora writes:

I’ve been thinking… if Coakley loses, is that really the worst thing? Bear with me for a second. The 60 senate majority has been a political mess, and raised the bar to unrealistic levels. It also lays the blame entirely on Democrats. Every time we call Republicans obstructionists, the response has been, “You don’t need Republicans, you have 60 votes.” So then when things get messed up, we end up fighting with, or wooing, Democrats. Republicans get a pass.

Keep calling the GOP "obstructionist" on healthcare, cap and trade, "stimulus" packages and the like, pan. That'll just keep demonstrating how freakin' CLUELESS you all are about Brown's victory. He actively campaigned against these things!!

A. Price:

congrats Teagabgs. you kept millions of americans form getting health insurance. hope you feel good about yourselves.

See above, you idiot.

pandora again:

One thing they should have paid attention to is the fact that Massachusetts doesn’t often elect women.

So ... this means the bluest state in the Union is sexist and anti-woman?? LOL!! And then check her response to her nonsense when called out about it by various commenters:

Sooooo sorry. I thought we were having a discussion as to why this happened and all the factors that contributed to it. If you choose to take my point and make it my only point… knock yourself out.

A. Price then contemplates suicide:

i was getting the proverbial hose hooked up to the proverbial tailpipe and turning the proverbial car in the the proverbial garage on ...

Unstable Isotope believes in the delusion that the [mainstream] media are conservative:

The reason conservatives have gotten away with this is because the media repeats their talking points unchallenged.

I mean, whoa -- what can one say to this complete unreality? If people actually believe this, is it any wonder Coakley lost?? Oh, but wait -- U.I. ain't finished with the delusions:

The Great Recession is the culmination of the Reagan era of slashing taxes for the wealthy and lax regulation.

Obama and the Democrats need to forcefully sell a counter-narrative if he wants to succeed.

Earth to U.I.: They tried. The public ain't buyin'. And now Reagan is the target and not G.W. Bush?? LOL!!

Kudos to Steve Newton (formerly of DE Libertarian) nemesis "anonone" who has been busy calling the LGOMB (in various threads) for their myopia.

Elsewhere, Delaware Politics has much more sensible posts up regarding the Brown victory.

Delaware Libertarian's Tyler Nixon has a couple must-read posts (must reads for folks like the LGOMB, that is) for the immediate post-Brown victory.

Contrariwise, it seems the usually politically savvy Dana Garrett doesn't get what yesterday meant, just like much of the LGOMB. Similarly, Redwaterlily.

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As usual, this is being badly oversimplified and misinterpreted by the media -- whose primary bias is in favor of lack of thought and nuance. Last year it was "Obama will be great!" and this year it's "What a failure!"

The MSM reports on this as if it's a national referendum, not an actual contest between two human beings from Massachusetts. Politics is local, and Coakley was a train wreck. Hell, I might've voted against her. Truly unpleasant-seeming.

Yet I'm supposed to believe that this was anti-Obama?

Funny thing: Rasmussen puts Obama's support at 55% among not just registered, but yesterday's MA voters! And a GOP pollster showed only 38% of voters yesterday were voting for Brown because of dissatisfaction with Obama.

It's truly scary how little detail goes into the news.

Also amusing: Unless he does a 180 from his voting record, Brown enters as one of the most liberal GOP Senators. Possibly left of Snowe, right of the right-most Dem, Ben Nelson.

Heck, he voted for (and continues to love) universal health care in MA! So this all ought to be interesting, to say the least.

Posted by: dan at January 20, 2010 08:41 PM

Hi dan! Nice to see you again!

Posted by: Hube at January 20, 2010 09:01 PM

Exactly! He was elected specifically because he promised to be obstructionist. The people DO NOT WANT what the liberals in Congress are trying to ram down our throats. I think Brown's election sent that message. Unsurprisingly it was lost on the intellectual geniuses at DE Liberal.

Posted by: mike w. at January 21, 2010 11:50 AM

Maybe the residents of Massachusetts have a mass Stockholm's Syndrome. After a half a century under the control of one individual maybe their captor finally left and the door was left ajar and they realized they were free and could leave.

Posted by: arthur at January 21, 2010 01:45 PM

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