December 30, 2009


Received this from a friend via e-mail:

It is now official you are ALL corrupt morons: (Democrats, Republicans, Independents)

  • The U.S. Post Service was established in 1775. You have had 234 years to get it right and it is broke.
  • Social Security was established in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it right and it is broke.
  • Fannie Mae was established in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right and it is broke.
  • War on Poverty started in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to "the poor" and they only want more.
  • Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965. You have had 44 years to get it right and they are broke.
  • Freddie Mac was established in 1970. You have had 39 years to get it right and it is broke.
  • The Department of Energy was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion a year and we import more oil than ever before. You had 32 years to get it right and it is an abysmal failure.

You have FAILED in every "government service" you have shoved down our throats while overspending our tax dollars


Posted by Hube at December 30, 2009 12:39 PM | TrackBack

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It's the Republicans fault.

Posted by: h. at December 30, 2009 01:52 PM

Hube, what you don't seem to understand is that these are all still works in progress. It's just going to take the Dems a little more time to work out the kinks. Just a few more minor tax increases, a few tweaks here and there and these will all be working fine.

The messiah will have all of these little programs sorted out by the end of his first term, you watch.

Posted by: A.B. at December 30, 2009 04:36 PM

He forgot the War on Drugs. Otherwise, a good list.

Posted by: soapfiction at December 30, 2009 10:10 PM

libraries work great. i am a fan of libraries. free education and free entertainment. ergo, the government will see it as a golden calf and start charging residents $100 a year 'subscription'. truth be told i think they should charge a one time $10 - $20 card fee.

Posted by: arthura at December 31, 2009 10:16 AM

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