December 29, 2009

Just remember -- Obamacare will reduce costs and the deficit

Anyone who seriously believes that (as if ANY government program has done so) needs serious psychiatric help (and not those who are skeptical about man-made global warming!). Further evidence from the UK:

Spending on NHS bureaucracy has risen by 50 per cent in just four years, according to "heartbreaking" government figures.

The increases include a 43 per cent rise in the costs of managers, while spending on clerical staff rose by 78 per cent at Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), which decide how NHS funds should be used. Meanwhile, their expenditure on management consultants and temporary staff more than doubled.

Patients' groups accused the Government of wasting "ludicrous and heartbreaking" sums expanding an army of administrators while starving the frontline of resources.

But hey -- it'll be different here! I mean, Barack is, after all, The Messiah!

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