December 20, 2009

A word from the Angry Left

Via the Newsbusters e-mail tipline, which goes out to all contributors and not just myself:

YOur site is such a waste of space. R U really for free speech [sic]. The half a brainer you have writing for you clearly is biased. Oh, it is ok to be biased as long as you are a white conservative. Above, you claim you are not interested in submissions that advocate for or against political parties or politicians. Right, could you have made the plug for McCain anymore subtle? God forbid the poor folks who should say anything positive about Obama. Misterbill makes up names to try to prove his point and to incite hate against anyone who does not share his view. Whatever ever happened to spirited debates without personally attacking the author? You are not for free speech you are clearly for speech that upholds your view. Stop fooling yourselves! What you do is slander innocent people on your site because they chose to share their view. Soon enough you will be sued for all the harm you and so [sic] "writers" do to citizens. Hopefully Misterbill has left the country by now with Obama as president. He should go back to where his ancesters [sic] came from....I am sure he is not native american! [sic]
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