December 17, 2009

Oh, for Pete's sake

Linda Wallace in a column in last week's Philly Daily News typifies the utter nonsense that is the modern "diversity" and "multicultural" movement, not to mention the modern hypocrisy on matters racial. Titled "The true value of A.I." (as in Allen Iverson), the third paragraph alone signifies how clueless Wallace is:

In many ways, Iverson was a 21st-century barrier-buster. Like Jackie Robinson, the little guy with the big heart challenged America's racial biases. He was the first NBA player to wear cornrows, which prompted some to wonder if he was "too black." His off-court fashions came straight from music videos: do rags, baggy pants, crooked baseball caps and oversize T-shirts.

The fact that Iverson decided to be himself, rather than a sanitized and safe commercial version of an NBA star, won him both enemies and allies. His habitual lateness, "keeping it real" pronouncements, tattoos and music prompted more than one sports journalist to ask: Is white middle-class America ready for an Allen Iverson?

Actually, the question should be, "Why should white -- and all -- America be willing to glamorize a guy who is so self-absorbed and puts himself above that of his team?" I mean, really -- is Wallace actually defending a multi-millionaire athlete who is late to practice -- and even games? Why should any American be "ready" for that sort of crap? Iverson wasn't only habitually late, he didn't even care about practice period. (See below.) (Interestingly, another famous African-American athlete/coach, Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts, wrote in his book a couple years back about those who arrive late: It means either you don't care, or we can't count on you. I wonder if Wallace thinks white America was "ready" for Tony Dungy ...? Or 49ers coach Mike Singletary?)

Why should America be "ready" for a multi-millionaire with his rap sheet, legal and professional? Why should America be "ready" for a pampered punk who willingly and knowingly parks his six-figure automobile in handicapped parking spaces? Is it because Ms. Wallace, like way too many others -- black, white and whatever -- thinks there is something called "authentically black?" We've heard this sentiment many times, from celebrities and politicians alike. (Just see here, here and here for a few.) Somehow, somewhen, to a degree, "authentically black" became associated with spurning anything typically associated with "whiteness." To the extent that it affected things like academic achievement, the results are short of catastrophic. And here's Ms. Wallace wanting people to accept even the ridiculous aspects of The Answer? Habitually being late to practice ... or not showing up at all? Epithet-laced rap music? Purposely violating the law?

Sorry. No thank you.

Oh, and comparing AI to Jackie Robinson? That is just plain insulting.

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Wait, "keeping it real" status has been extended to not showing up for practice? Picture, if you will, Allen Iverson the accountant:

"Iverson, you're an hour late for work!"
"Yo boss man, I'm just keeping it real."
"Okay then, you're fired! Real enough for you?"

Posted by: G Rex at December 17, 2009 08:26 PM

Cornrows ....... holy crap Dr.J had a 'fro the size of the moon. I guess that wasn't "black" enough.

Posted by: h. at December 18, 2009 03:15 PM