December 08, 2009

A word from the Angry Left

Via the Newsbusters e-mail tipline, which goes out to all contributors and not just myself:

No, I don't have a story tip, but I do have a bit of advice to your movement. You claim to bust the most liberal of stories in order to expose their bias, when in fact you are just as, if not more, biased as an organization. We as liberals really don't care what you have to say, as you seem to denounce everything we try to say, even when we are right. You are a disgrace to the conservative right, and well, everyone.

ALSO, stop talking about "ClimateGate." More importantly, don't call it that. Watergate is completely different than this. Don't make this a bigger issue than it really is. Do some research on the effects of CO2 on the atmosphere. Then go check out how our production of oil releases a bunch of CO2 into the air. Then try and defend your argument that humans in no way affect the environment.

It would be great if you could e-mail me back and tell me how you sleep at night, filling the internet with such garbage. Thanks a bunch!

How 'bout that, eh? Those behind Newsbusters shouldn't be able to sleep at night. I wonder if this idiot has sent off similar e-mails to this site ... or this one ... or this one. Doubtful, I know. And, of course, we shouldn't make Climategate "a bigger issue than it really is" ... because, after all, it just might destroy the "progressive" religion that is [man-made] global warming. (Brit Hume made an excellent point about this last evening -- Climategate threatens one of the Left's biggest dogmas, that "evil" corporations are "destroying" us with their [carbon] pollution. Therefore, all must be done to belittle the significance of the scandal.) The "threat" of global warming is all about power -- that of government(s) so loved by the Left. That was what Kyoto was and what Copenhagen is. What "cap and trade" is. It is the power over your lives with which the Left is perpetually enamored. They can only do this by sticking to their guns, no matter what, on this issue. They've invested too damn much into it. Don't believe what they say? You're crazy. Literally.

No matter that strict regulations based on GW fears will hurt those whom the Left claim to care about most -- the less fortunate. Poorer countries will have to scale back industrialization that will improve the quality of life, whereas the poor in the already-industrialized nations will suffer as well due to even stricter overall regulations. And all based on what?? Computer models that have already shown to be compromised/falsified/manipulated? How is it that we are so concretely certain that GW will decimate the planet when just a mere 30-some years ago these same scientists were screaming about the next Ice Age?

Man's industrialization over the last 150 or so years (most especially the last 50) is but a small blip in the lifespan of the planet. A picosecond, if you will. To seriously contend that we will irrevocably destroy our home with such a small quantity of time pumping industrial pollutants into the air is to suspend all rationality. Just consider the epochs through which our planet has lived before. Then, consider that fossil fuels, the main culprit behind GW, are finite, and that mankind will gradually wean itself off of them beginning this very century. And to say that if "we don't act now" it'll lead to "catastrophe?"

Perhaps, but only to the power desires of the Far-Left demogogues.

(Thanks to CoR reader "cardinals fan" for the last link above!)

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What I find interesting about the whole "climate conference" is the amazing amount of pollution the "attendees" are generating. I heard that they needed over 1200 Limos--so many they had to bring in cars from outside the city. Also, there were so many "private" jets there was no place to park them. Seems like they would have reached more than half of their objectives if they had used teleconferencing. I bet the cost would have fed half of Africa for the next year too.

Posted by: Nili at December 17, 2009 07:42 AM