December 02, 2009

The "kindred spirit" argument

Unstable Mental State at the LGOMB posts about how a member of the Ugandan Parliament -- who's a member of the religious group “The Family” -- is sponsoring a bill there "under which any person 'convicted of gay sex is liable to life imprisonment.'”

This is a quite ridiculous idea, to be sure. But UMS doesn't just post about that. She "convicts" several members of the US legislature (John Ensign, Tom Coburn, Mark Sanford and Bart Stupak) because they're also members of this group. Get it? Since Ensign, Coburn, Sanford and Stupak are members of this same [worldwide] organization, they therefore must share the beliefs/values of this Ugandan dude. Does this then signify that all folks within an organization must share the same views? What sort of organizations would be "exempt" from such?

The reason I ask is because the LGOMB (and the Left in general) indulge in this sort of "kindred spirit" argument quite often. Like, somehow, Ensign, Coburn, Sanford and Stupak also believe that those who have gay sex should be imprisoned. Or, because Rush Limbaugh et. al. regularly talk about the evils of a large federal government, they then are "complicit" when some lunatic goes off and shoots some federales. Etc.

Which then begs the question: Why is another member of the LGOMB so upset with me for questioning why she freely chooses to associate with [the other] quite caustic -- not to mention hateful -- "people" at the LGOMB?? I mean, isn't choosing to blog with a [small] number of people quite a bit more ... "intimate" than belonging to some same worldwide organization? Or being just one of millions of radio listeners? Sure it is. Not to mention that setting up one's own blog is 100% cost-free and pathetically easy to do.

Yes -- pandora got all in a tizzy because I dared to suggest she "look at her own [political] house" before casting judgments on those of others. But to her this brief suggestion was "thread-jacking." Also, I should cease my "constant sniping."

But ... why?

This is the sort of stuff the LGOMB does each and every day. And "civil discussions?" The LGOMB knows not the meaning of the term, especially since they delete comments en masse simply when they don't like them. And pandora is part of this. She chooses to be part of it. The LGOMB isn't a worldwide group or a radio audience numbering in the millions, after all.

This is why I called her a fraud. It is hypocrisy, pure and simple. You simply cannot freely associate with such a small group of people who say what they do ... and then not only make lame excuses ("I am my own person!") but then also blast those on the other side of the aisle for what they say and do. pandora (and LiberalGeek) are usually fair and rational people. I've said as much numerous times before here and there. It thus ill-behooves me why they choose to remain at the LGOMB.

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The KKK supports gun control to keep blacks disarmed. The folks at DE Liberal also love gun control, therefore they share the same beliefs as the KKK and they're all racists.

Hell, their own member, Delaware Dem once said he wanted all Republicans lined up and shot. Since Pandora, Cassandra and the rest of them freely associate with DD I guess we can say they're guilty of holding the same violent, bigoted viewpoint, right?

That's what you end up with when applying the "logic" of our local liberal moonbats.

Posted by: mike w. at December 3, 2009 03:47 PM