November 30, 2009

Well tanks for nuttin'!

The BBC says that a full inquiry into "Climategate's" [hacked] e-mails will be underway soon. Which is nice, considering that the Beeb apparently had some of the e-mails a month ago -- and didn't report a blessed thing.

Not a surprise, that. Neither is how it reports the need for an "independent" review into the whole matter:

Scientists will be scrutinising the choice of chair and the terms of reference.

One senior climate scientist told me that the chair would have to be a person accepted by both mainstream climate scientists and sceptics as a highly respected figure without strong connections to either group.

Ah, yes! "Skeptics" are not be confused with "mainstream" scientists! These same "mainstream" climate scientists that admitted to fudging their data so as not to give any credence to these "skeptics!"

And so it goes ...

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