November 28, 2009

The MSM "Climategate" blackout continues ...

... but there's no shortage -- still -- of pro global warming yarns. Here's the AP via MSNBC: "Much less stable ice for polar bears, expert says; Survey by ship finds satellite data about thicker Arctic ice was wrong."

Hmmm. You'll never see a "E-mails reveal global warming data was wrong" headline, will'ya? And check out the screen cap of the main MSNBC "climate headlines" under the article:

"CO2 levels rising"!!
"Warming's impact worse since Kyoto"!!
"Jellyfish gotta truck north 'cuz of warming"!!
"Bolivian glacier -- melting"!!

But the only thing about Climategate? The GOP is gonna open a probe into what the hacked e-mails reveal!! Not "Congress," not "the Administration," and worse still not "fellow scientists." Nope, it's those dastardly 'ol Republicans -- doing this, certainly, for mere political advantage. No matter WHAT the cost to the planet, right MSN??

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