November 27, 2009

Why hate crimes legislation is a joke

I understand and even agree with the legislation's rationale; however, the problem is that they are selectively enforced. Latest case in point:

Denver police should be applauded for apparently breaking up a ring of thugs who were attacking mostly white males downtown in what seems to be the largest racially motivated series of crimes in decades. Yet we're left with one important question:

Why weren't residents warned about the scope of the threat?

Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman said that groups of young black males from the Rollin' 60s Crips and the Black Gangster Disciples gangs approached single white or Latino men late at night and struck them in the head, often after berating them and calling attention to their race, but sometimes attacking without warning.

Victims in the LoDo and 16th Street Mall attacks suffered broken noses and shattered eye sockets, among other head injuries. Sometimes wallets and other small items were stolen.

"We have seen coordinated efforts before, but not by this large of a group," Whitman said as the arrests were announced Friday.

Yet no concerted effort was made to alert residents to the unusual nature of these violent crimes, or their apparent racial motivation.

Police say there may have been 26 such attacks, almost all against white males, but investigators stress there could be other victims and more are coming forward. A few are women.

First of all, bravo to the Denver Post for excoriating the ridiculous PC involved in this. But it really should come as no surprise. Just look at Nidal Hasan's situation -- how the quite obvious trail of his nuttery was shrugged off, in large part out of political correctness. Our very own Wilmington News Journal has a specific policy dedicated to this inane "correctness" and they adhere to it very well. I wonder what would have been the case had the races been reversed in Denver?

I wonder if President Obama will say that officials in Denver "acted stupidly."

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