November 26, 2009

MSM maintains its total irresponsibility on climate change headline: U.S. sets climate target ahead of summit; Obama to take goal of 17 percent emissions cut to Copenhagen talks.

Not. One. Word. On. Climategate.

But it does include an oft-repeated biased whopper about the Kyoto Protocols:

But others said the visit will reinforce the U.S. government's shift on climate policy from that of the Bush administration, which rejected the 1997 Kyoto climate accords out of hand and over eight years steadfastly opposed broad mandatory reductions in greenhouse gases.

What is conveniently omitted here is that the US Senate said "NO" to Kyoto by a vote of 95-0, not to mention that it was the Clinton administration that never submitted Kyoto to the Senate for official ratification!


Just like [a lesser] climate myth, the MSM just keeps parroting the "progressive" elite convetional wisdom about man-made global warming ... despite The Messiah's proclamation that "science will be restored to its rightful place" in his administration. Sort of like how "progressives" are vehemently pro-free speech ... unless that speech contradicts their fiercely-held values.

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"Not. One. Word. On. Climategate."

Why not? Simply really,

Doesn't. Fit. The. Narrative.

Posted by: Duffy at November 27, 2009 10:05 AM

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