November 23, 2009

"Strange" news? features a rather ... questionable bit of "strange" news (screen cap at left since "strange" news is updated quite often) at its site today. I mean, why is it "strange" that a Rhode Island bishop had asked Patrick Kennedy to avoid communion -- especially given the representative's stance on abortion?

The actual article doesn't feature anything "strange;" it details the "feud" between the bishop and the rep., and it certainly isn't out of the ordinary in that Catholic officials have had similar misgivings regarding communion with other Catholic pro-choice lawmakers. So, again, why is this "strange?"

Easy. Because refusing to grant communion due to someone being for abortion is "strange" to those who run the MSM ... of which CBS is most certainly a part.

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I would say it's a little strange if only because testicular fortitude has been lacking among the American episcopacy on this issue. It's always nice to see a bishop with a pair.

Posted by: Paul Smith at November 23, 2009 05:00 PM

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