November 20, 2009

More evidence the Left doesn't believe in free speech

Remember -- it's only "dangerous speech" when the Right does it. Here's Arianna "I'm Only Somebody Because I Married Rich" Huffington on why Glenn Beck doesn't deserve First Amendment rights:

"It is frightening," Huffington replied. "Well, I would say the fear-monger-in-chief title should still be reserved for Dick Cheney, even in retirement. But barring that, there is something that we need to really pay attention to with Glenn Beck. We cannot just dismiss him. Because the truth of the matter is that there is a good reason why we have an exemption to the free speech protection by the First Amendment when we say you cannot shout 'fire' in a crowded theater."

Get it? Because Beck is an outspoken advocate for limited government and a return to the governmental principles of the Founders, he's "inciteful," and thus "dangerous."

Elsewhere, in academia (a well-known bastion of the Left), NYU's Stern School of Business's Tunku Varadarajan recently wrote that the Fort Hood killings were an "act of messianic violence." As could expected, students at his school were mortified. He was accused of "hate-mongering" and for causing "pain" and "feelings of marginalization." Thankfully, in this case (a rarity?), the college president rightly remarked that it would be wrong to punish Varadarajan for his views; however, he did strongly condemn him, as did other groups. And we've all seen what that sort of pressure can lead to on campuses.

'Ya gotta love the Left -- wanting full American constitutional protections for illegal combatant terrorists, but desiring NO 1st Amendment protections for political opponents or those with differing opinions.

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