November 02, 2009

John Kerry intervenes on behalf of Honduras' Chávez wannabe

Swiss cheese-lovin' John Kerry is miffed that the Law Library of the Congress of the United States (LLC) released its opinion on the ouster of [former] Honduran President Manuel Zelaya:

... it seems some members of the U.S. Senate objected to a Law Library of Congress report that largely supported the legality of Zelaya’s ouster. According to this report, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and Representative Howard Berman (D-CA) asked the Library of Congress to retract the report because it “contains factual errors and is based on a flawed legal analysis that has been refuted by experts from the United States, the Organization of American States and Honduras” and “has contributed to the political crisis” in Honduras. The Library of Congress stands by the report, however, and is preparing a response to Senator Kerry and Representative Berman.

If the two lawmakers belive the Law Library of Congress report is flawed, there are better responses than seeking a retraction. For one, they could demonstrate the report’s failings, perhaps by pointing to alternative analyses that are more persuasive. Perhaps, they could even encourage the State Department to release the memorandum written by Harold Koh supporting the U.S. government’s position that the removal of President Zelaya constituted an illegal coup.

Here we go again. The current crop of Democrats (especially the administration) -- whenever they do not like something -- instead of making their own case, the reaction is to shut up the opposition and/or denigrate them to the Nth degree. Obama vs. Fox News. Democrat backers of healthcare vs. town hall protesters/tea partiers. The House leadership vs. the GOP and the public on healthcare.

And so on.

And remember -- the administration still refers to the ouster of Zelaya as a "coup," even though it was most demonstrably not. Sort of like how the administration has said it will cease Bush-era terror policies (it hasn't), how the stimulus bill has led to jobs (a real knee-slapper, that) or saved jobs (a new entry into the muddled political lexicon), how the proposed healthcare won't add to the deficit (a falsehood beyond all reckoning), and how Medicare won't be cut (at the very least a pipe dream).

And so on.

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