October 30, 2009

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

Paul Keffer of Newark thinks he's another Alan Grayson:

It seems that for most Republicans, they would rather anyone who doesn’t have private health care should just up and die and not be a burden on the taxpayers.

Really? Quite interesting. And demonstrably false.

Next, it seems Mr. Keffer has a case of cognitive dissonance:

I have been a registered Republican for many years, but as I get older, I’m coming to the conclusion that society would be better off with more Democrats in office.

I would rather vote for the person and the office they want to fill rather than what the “party” wants me to vote. And this should be the case for those already in our Congress.

Unfortunately, most of them, Democrat and Republican can only conceive of voting what their party wants them to vote. They really don’t care about their constituents once they get into office.

Oh, so even though both parties apparently are more loyal to party than constituent, Keffer thinks the country would be better off with more Democrats in office. Democrats who're, again, y'know, more loyal to their party than the voters.

Yeah. Sure. Makes "sense."

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