October 29, 2009

Honduran president's nephew murdered; U.S. MSM mum

How come? Well, probably because it's the current president's nephew -- y'know, the one who was "installed" in a "coup."

Police found the remains of [Roberto] Micheletti’s 25-year-old nephew Enzo Micheletti, who went missing on Friday, near Choloma, some 250 kilometres north of the capital Tegucigalpo on Sunday, along with those of another youth.

Police say his hands were tied behind his back and his body was riddled with bullets.

There is no direct evidence to suggest that his murder was politically-motivated but local justice official Rafael Fletes told AFP that he did not rule out the possibility. (Link.)

I have a sneakin' suspicion that if it was Hugo Chávez wannabe Manuel Zelaya's nephew who was killed, the Obama administration would be front and center in the media denouncing it as a political killing, and would once more [ridiculously] demand the return of Zelaya as president.

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